Kahn’s Mission PADD Klingon Foundry


By Kahn Greetings once again hearty warriors of the Empire, I salute you! It is I, Kahn and we are about to embark on a journey of almost certain peril, into the depths of the Klingon Foundry. As always this review may contain SPOILERS! so if you don’t wish to know how the story goes please stop reading now, and play it for yourself. Our mission selection for this week is, The Great River (ST-HCMEQDEHJ) by @HathorSC. The …



Hello 12th members. The contributors and editors of this blog are excited to announce that as of today the blog is live once again. You will notice a few new faces and contributors currently involved with the blog. You will also notice some familiar names and faces as well. We would not be where we are now if it wasn’t for past and new contributors stepping up and dedicating time to continue to make this …


Prelude To Axanar: Interview with Executive Producer Alec Peters

Hello Explorers! This is WilliamSto, Exploration Division’s ever hardworking Vice Admiral, with an interview straight from Star Trek: Prelude to Axanar’s own Executive Producer, Alec Peters. These questions came from myself and your fellow Fleet Mates in the 12th Fleet. So enjoy the interview! WilliamSto: The first question is a two part question, how much of a Star Trek fan are you, and how were you first introduced to Star Trek? Alec Peters: And I am as …


Nerd Abyss: The Missing the Point Scenario

Nerd Abyss: The Missing the Point Scenario by Hevach The Kobayashi Maru is an iconic part of Starfleet Academy. Really, it’s almost the only part of Starfleet Academy, because canon does not offer us much about the Academy. We see the Kobayashi Maru, the woefully inadequate disciplinary process (I mean, really, they knew Nova Squadron was lying, they should have known what they really did, but they were THIS CLOSE to letting them off because …


Spotlight on Command: Enterprise-D


Enterprise-D is one of the founding members of 12th Fleet. In his time, he’s watched our fleet grow and develop into one of the most respected fleets in the Star Trek Online Universe. Today, Goldy has a nice little chat and promises there were no thumbscrews involved What originally made you decide to join 12th Fleet and why? ‘Join’ would be the wrong word to use here. Arsinoe and I (former fleet admiral) founded 12th …


Spotlight on Command: WilliamSTO

WilliamSTO has been with the 12th for three years, and has served in Exploration the entire time. He now serves as VA. 1. What made you decide to join the 12th, and what is one thing you love most about the 12th? Why did I decide to join the 12th Fleet? The reason is pretty simple actually, my previous Fleet, in which I was the Fleet XO, was absorbed into 12th Fleet at the time, …